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How to be Worldsy

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Worldsy's Mission

Our mission is simple: expand your awareness of world events. There is a lot going on every day across the globe — protests on civil liberties, key elections, natural disasters, tech innovations, scientific triumphs, meetings between world leaders, humanitarian efforts, military actions, virus outbreaks — and it is tough to keep up with it all. It’s also challenging to get a strong grasp on what’s really going and why. For instance, why does Russia care about Syria? What is the US involvement in the Syrian conflict? In fact, where is Syria? We believe that by adding more context to the news you already read, you can get a quick briefing on different topics without making dozens of Google and Wikipedia searches, and scrolling through endless amounts of text.

What you should expect from Worldsy:
  • A wide range of perspectives for news — left, right, and center
  • A simple and easy to digest briefing of world events
  • Key context to world events, like keywords and location on a map

To be clear, we do not generate any content. We simply collect publicly available content from many news sources from around the world and bring them together in an easy-to-read way. We do respect the difficult work of the many journalists out there and support their mission to inform the public, and so part of our mission is to shed more light on their work and help create a more informed society.

So, that's our grand mission: to make it easier to become informed and highlight the great work of the journalists out there. We will continue to build and refine as we move ahead, and would love your feedback along the way.

Hit us up at to share your thoughts, questions, and to stay on top of our developments!

Thank you for visiting us — see you again soon

— Team Worldsy

Be Worldsy and become worldly - in minutes.

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