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How to be Worldsy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worldsy?

Worldsy is an idea that everyone can become more Worldly by better understanding the news. We are on a mission after all.

Ok, that sounds cool... So, what exactly is then?

We can’t get too detailed about our site since it is not publicly available yet. Not that it’s a huge secret, but we are trying to limit user exposure to our Alpha testers for now. In short, all we can say is that is a news aggregation website (in the same spirit as Google News) with a different –and hopefully refreshing– user interface. With this interface, we hope to save you time and make you more quickly knowledgeable about world events, at the same time we also give you access to past events. More details to come later...

Where do you source your news articles?

We employ several methods to obtain our sources. The majority of our sources come from the thousands of publicly available news sources currently available from around the world. However, we are always trying to get a wider view of the news so if you would like a site to be added to Worldsy, please check out our guide to data intake for more info and send us an email:

What is the echo chamber effect?

From Wikipedia:

An echo chamber is a metaphorical description of a situation in which information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside a defined system. Inside a figurative echo chamber, official sources often go unquestioned and different or competing views are censored, disallowed, or otherwise underrepresented.
People have learned to remove the things that they don't agree with from their social media feeds, and lives, instead of dealing with them. When a person doesn't see the full story, their world-views get skewed.

What makes you unbiased?

While we might have personal opinions and views, we will never apply any bias to Worldsy. Worldsy will adhere to the true journalistic principle of maintaining an unbiased, independent viewpoint. Thus, while the content itself may lean one way or another, we will do our best to provide a broad spectrum of news sources across political, social and regional spectrums. Given this, however, we are limited to what is readily available in the public domain and so are always striving to provide the most balanced view of the news. If you have any suggestions (or want to partner with Worldsy) on this topic, please contact us at:

What's your take on fake news?

While we love satirical news site like The Onion and we, as a society, can never seem to live without Tabloid news for some reason, we do not love the fake news epidemic currently spreading in our information landscape on the web, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Our goal is to encourage more truthfulness through transparency and fake news –whether malicious and/or clickbaiting– damages that transparency. We are always looking to detect and remove fake new articles from our site, and would love your help in reporting these. Please report any issues with the site to our customer care email:

I found an error on your site how do I notify you?

Shoot us a quick email

How do I get a Worldsy account?

Simply join us! Having an account locks in your username for future features which we will roll out.

What do I get for being an Alpha tester?

We have a LONG list of features that we will be rolling out, our alpha testers (as long as they wish) are the first to use these features. We also have some other incentives lined up to thank everyone for helping.

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